Wow! 23. I can’t believe I’m actually twenty-three years old. I love birthdays. It’s a time to celebrate your life, your accomplishments and all of the wonderful experiences you've had over the years. One of my dearest friends told me that every year on her birthday she reflects on these three questions: 1. What do I love most about myself? 2. What do I want to work on this year? 3. What is my favorite memory from this past year? This got me thinking about how importatnt it is to take time to reflect. We are all so busy and it is not easy to stop and reflect on life. I highly encourage you to take some time on your birthday to think about these questions. So in honor of my 23 years of life, I answered these three important questions and I also decided to share 23 things I’ve learned over the years.

What do I love most about myself?

I love my courage to take risks in life. This is something I've really had to work at. I have an attitude that if you want something in life you should just go for it. I never want to get stuck in a mediocre life that doesn't restore my soul.

What do I want to work on this year?

There are a lot of things I want to work on this year but I want to focus on balance in my life. I want to invest in my mind, body and spirituality.

What is my favorite memory from this past year?

This past year has been a tough one but it has also been filled with incredible memories, it is hard to pick just one, so here are a few. Spending a week in Cancun with all of my friends where we drank way too many piña coladas, got a little sunburnt and shared too many laughs to count. Traveling to China, Thailand and Vietnam where I ate the best pad thai ever. Making new life long friendships when you least expect it.

Twenty-three Things I've Learned Over the Years:

  1. Be bold. Live your life boldly in every aspect.
  2. Eat ice cream on occasion even if your lactose intolerant because sometimes you just need it, and my younger self agrees.
  3. You’re never too old to call your parents crying. Sometimes you just need to let it out and mom and dad know just what to say.
  4. You can only count on yourself. People can’t live up to your expectations and you can’t get mad at them for it. Just do you.
  5. Don’t wait for Fridays. Before you know it you’ll realize you’ve spent your whole life waiting for Friday. Mondays are hard but they don’t have to suck!
  6. Buy the shoes. Seriously, just buy the shoes. Unless they are wayyyy out of your budget and you can’t pay rent, then don’t buy the shoes.
  7. Love your body. I used to hate my body and be ashamed that I wasn’t a size 2 but I’ve learned that cellulite is inevitable. Take care of your body and be healthy.
  8. Be nice. This is a no brainer. Just be nice to people.
  9. Love passionately even if it means getting hurt. Love and relationships are hard, especially at 23 but live in the moment and love passionately because you can’t spend your life worrying about what will happen next.
  10. There might not be anything better than hot wings. I love hot wings and I’m not afraid who knows it! If you’re in Denver find the King of Wings food truck and feast until your can’t eat any more!
  11. You can always push a little harder. You are capable of more than you think physically and mentally. Push a little bit harder everyday and you’ll see results.
  12. You never know what tomorrow holds. You’re life can change in a matter of seconds for good or bad.
  13. Perfection isn’t possible. As much as we all crave the “perfect” lifestyles we see on blogs and Instagram it’s not possible. You don’t see the struggles behind the scenes that every person deals with.
  14. Pursue your dreams and don’t give a shit what other people say. People will make fun of you or try to tear you down for going for your dreams but don’t listen to a word they say.
  15. Life should be fun. If you are bored or lacking passion in your life, change it.
  16. Drinking until you vomit isn’t fun… even though I forget about this one sometimes.
  17. Friends are good for the soul. Distance, busy schedules and life in general can get in the way of keeping up with your friendships. Do your best to invest in friendships because we are creatures that crave companionship.
  18. God will always surprise you.
  19. This video will always be funny.
  20. Wear heals, being tall is a good thing.
  21. Family is just the best and don't ever forget it!
  22. I should never get bangs. I always talk myself into them then immediately want to grow them out.
  23. If you start to feel too comfortable, do something daring. If you start feeling like your life is losing luster, than do something!