The Three Ways I Fight Acne


I'll be real with you guys. I have been struggling with my skin this year. In February, I switched to the IUD birth control and my skin went nuts, I mean nuts. Until this year, I have been incredibly lucky that I have never struggled with acne. I would get the occasional blemish that would disappear after a few days. I had always felt very confident in my skin. My confidence took a big hit when my skin started to break out. At any given time I would have about 40 blemishes on my face. It was a big struggle for me to learn how to deal with my new-found acne. Today I'm sharing my step by step acne fighting routine. For me, I have found that by focusing on three areas I have seen a substantial improvement in my skin.

1. Hydrate

Drink lots of water. Use a moisturizer and facial oil | Keeping my skin hydrated has been a huge factor in my overall skin health. I also use a facial oil followed by a thick moisturizer day and night to keep my skin ulta-hydrated.

2. Nourish

Take Evening Primrose Oil | It is so important to feed your skin nutrients. I had a facial from Marisa at Mathew Morris Salon (she's da bomb) and she recommended taking evening primrose oil. I have been taking this vitamin everyday for a few months now and it's now part of my everyday skincare routine.

3. Cleanse

Try the Clarisonic acne system | The Mia 1 DevicePore & Blemish Gel Cleanser and the Acne Brush Head have been the acne fighting trifecta. I have been using a Clarisonic since I was in college but I only recently switched to the acne system.  A common misconception is that the Clarisonic cleansing brush exfoliates. It actually "oscillates" and the sonic cleansing process removes dirt, oil and other debris that can cause breakouts. The Clarisonic is actually gentle enough to use twice a day! I'm not the only one who has seen great results with this product, 98% of women said the number of imperfections on their skin was reduced and 94% experienced smoother skin and a more even complexion.

I love using my Clarisonic because it feels like I'm giving myself a mini facial right at home! I use my Clarisonic at night after I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe. I wet my face and the  Acne Brush Head with warm water. I like to apply the Pore & Bleish Cleanser directly on the brush head. Then I turn on the device and gently move the brush head in small circular motions on my face. The device will automatically shut off after one minute then I just rinse and follow with my facial oil and moisturizer.

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What are your secrets for a clear and radiant complexion?

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