The Groutfit


I have finally mastered the groutfit. Who says grey can't be totally chic? This dress is from Apricot Lane Boutique and let me tell you, it hugs you in all the right places. I also love this statement necklace from there as well. I've never shopped here until recently, but I'm hooked. They only get in a few of each item so whatever you buy feels unique and original to you. I also couldn't believe the prices! I'm one who has always spent a bit more on my wardrobe and I'm the first to say budgeting is not my forte when it comes to my closet.  But Apricot Lane defiantly keeps my wallet happy, almost everything in the store is between 30 to 60 dollars. Plus, if you go to Apricot Lane in Centennial is the next 7 days, mention Rae Everyday and you'll get 15% off! As always, thanks for stopping by!