Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress



I will admit, when the off the shoulder trend first popped up I was a bit hesitant but I have been converted. It looks like this trend is here to stay and I have actually found a few styles that I can get on board with for spring and summer. I especially love this trend when ruffles are involved, like this distressed off the shoulder maxi dress.

I teamed up with PinkBlush to show you guys how I styled this dress. It was tough for me to decide which item to pick to style becasue they have so many great options but I am huge fan of their maxi dress selection. I love that you can wear a maxi dress for so many summer occasions, like backyard barbecues, happy hour on a rooftop or running errands in a comfy pair of sandals. To give you a little background, PinkBlush is a trendy online boutique that has clothes for women on all sizes and phases of life. I love that PinkBlush offers cute clothing for all types of women. They carry maternity, maternity plus, women's and women's plus. So, there is literally something for everyone! I know most of us gals have lots of baby showers, bridal showers and wedding coming up this summer and PinkBlush has some adorable options!


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Photos: Alicia Lewin Photography