My Swimsuit Secret


When I was younger the thought of being seen in a swimsuit was mortifying. I didn't understand why people thought going to the pool was so fun. You want me to strip down until I'm nearly naked and sit around the pool with my much skinnier friends and have a good time? That's hilarious! The only saving grace in my high school years was that I had HUGE boobs. I thought that maybe this would distract people from looking at the rest of my body.

There are very few other times that we are more vulnerable than baring all in a bikini. It's terrifying. Lucky for you, I'm spilling the beans on my big secret. The secret to feeling sexy and confident in a swimsuit in just three easy steps.

  1. Find a swimsuit that you absolutely love

  2. Put on that swimsuit

  3. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how damn sexy you look-- I'm serious. Say it out loud.

You caught me, it's not some huge big secret. All it is is learning to love your body a little bit more each day. I'm wearing the most adorable color block one piece from LIVELY. The top section is an off-white color, the middle section is a blush pink and the bottom is navy. The color blocking is so flattering because it really accentuates your waist and the natural curves of your body.

"LIVELY is inspired by what we believe makes women sexy today; smart, healthy, active and outgoing. We are delivering bras and undies that blur the aesthetic lines of lingerie, active, and swim, taking the best elements of high-style and comfort from each category. We are establishing an entirely new category and POV of lingerie, a movement that we call Leisurée."