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Soooo, today I'm talking about my latest obsession, flares. We saw the 70s trend make a comeback this past spring but it's carrying through to fall with vengeance. I will always love my skinny jeans but flares are a fun way to mix things up. Although, my obsession goes beyond denim, I'm loving flare trousers in general. Even if you think you'll never betray your trusty skinny jeans, just give flares a try! Even if you don't have tiny toothpick legs, I promise they can still be flattering. I have curvy thighs and I still found a pair that looks super sexy, if I do say so myself. If you are bootylicious like me, look for a pair that is high waisted and has more of a dramatic flare. I hope you take some inspiration from these three chic ways to wear flares for fall. Will you be brave enough to try this trend?



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