Girlfriends, Brunch and Daniel Wellington



You know those things in life that are so simple but bring you so much joy? For me that's eating a perfectly cooked eggs benedict with a mimosa in hand laughing with my girlfriends probably about something stupid we did the night before. I admit it, I did attempt the worm on a dirty dance floor and it was a mistake, okay a huge mistake. Although, somehow it seems the aroma of bacon and french toast magically make all of your worries disappear in that moment (or maybe it's the mimosas). The point is, brunch is a beautiful thing that should be cherished and practiced often. This weekend my girlfriends and I did what we do best, we brunched and we brunched hard. And what completed this perfect morning? Daniel Wellington. The perfect accessory to accompany us on our Saturday morning soirée.

I've teamed up with Daniel Wellington to show you how I styled their Classic Black Sheffield watch in silver. I'm wearing the 40mm instead of the 36mm becasue I wanted an oversized menswear inspired look. A cool bonus is that they offer an extended strap with the Sheffield style. Not all of us have petite wrists so I think this is an incredible option that they offer. My favorite thing about Daniel Wellington watches is their timeless and elegant design that makes them so versatile. Trends come and go but the simple design of a Daniel Wellington watch will always be in style. I'm excited to share with you an exclusive discount code to get 15% off your Daniel Wellington purchase!


Use the code RAEANN15 to get 15% off your purchase!



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SHOP TORY'S LOOK: (jacket available here)

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True friends always make sure your hair is on point.

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My bff, Erin, my sister, Tory, and I brunched at North Italia in Cherry Creek and oh my goodness, was it delicious! If you are in Denver you need to check this place out for brunch. These days you're looking at waiting 1-2 hours for brunch on the weekend and who has the time or the patience for that?

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