I've had my eye (get it?) on this evil eye manicure for a long time now and I finally decided to give it a shot. Eyes are appearing all over the place in the fashion world, from jewelry, to clothing, to nails! Some cultures believe that wearing eyes will protect you from the evil eye that causes misfortune. As long as you don't mess up (like I did) this DIY manicure is actually super easy! Here is what you'll need:

eye mani step by stepYou'll want to start by applying a natural base coat to clean nails. Next, apply two coats of the nude polish. Let it dry thoroughly before going to the next step. I used a fan to make sure they were completely dry. Place the nail design guides a little less then halfway up your nails. Press them down firmly to make sure no white polish will seep through. I had to start over here because I didn't let the nude polish dry long enough and the stickers took it right off! Next, apply the white polish below the nail design guides. Let it dry completely then remove the guides. For the next step I used a disposable eye shadow applicator to create the blue dot. Carefully apply a small blue dot to all your nails in the white area. Once the blue is dry, use the nail pen do create the "pupil." Hopefully your hand is steadier than mine! I had to have my sister help me on my right hand to get it just right! Finally, finish the look with a top coat. Voila! Now you have an "eye" catching manicure!

I've had mixed reviews on my evil eye mani.. what do you guys think? Yay or Nay?