Embrazio Handmade Leather Belt


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on a Colorado-based company called Embrazio. Embrazio develops authentic high-quality leather accessories with design elements to specifically address the needs of a modern lifestyle. Embrazio carries handmade leather bags, belts, and phone cases. Head to my previous post to see how I styled their Savannah Leather clutch. Today I am talking to you about this gorgeous Embrazio Handmade Leather Belt.

This lato curved handmade leather belt will change everything you knew about belts.

"The Embrazio Lato Curved leather belt is shaped with a subtle yet definite s-curved wrap of hips and waist. This unique design fits so much better than straight belts, enhancing not only the feel to but also the look of the wearer.  Rising over the hips, the belt does not press into one's hipbones.  Coming slightly down in back the belt does not have that annoying gap when worn with jeans or pants." 

I love that this belt is both classic and timeless. It comes in nine different colors to fit any style. This belt has a better fit than most belts so it so much more comfortable. I love styling it with high rise jeans or with a maxi dress for summer!