I recently posted a photo on Instagram of my favorite pair of ripped jeans so I wanted to share how I got this distressed look. I've always loved the boyfriend jean trend but I could never find a pair that fit my curvy thighs, does anyone else have this problem??

For this project, you'll  just need two things, a box cutter and a pair of jeans. I got my jeans for six dollars from goodwill but you can use an old pair you already have laying around. I made this pair for my fabulous roommate, Shannan.


First you'll want to slip on the jeans and mark where your knee cap hits so you'll know where to cut the largest holes. To start, make a slit in the jeans then start scraping at the slit to begin fraying. Go to town on your jeans to get the desired amount of rips and tears.  The sharper the knife the better! Once you have all the rips you want, run them through the washer and dryer.



Tada!! Now you have a pair of super comfy and oh-so stylish jeans!

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Here is a super quick video to show you the scraping technique to get those frayed edges.

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