Denver Designer: Never a Wallflower


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to share with you another incredible Denver designer I've had the pleasure of meeting. Never a Wallflower was founded in 2015 by Dana Schoonover. It is a high-end women's contemporary clothing brand based right here in The  Mile High City. Today I'm sharing two looks I styled with Never a Wallflower items. The first look is an off-the-shoulder top with the most amazing flare sleeve. The second is a gray tee with fun detailing on the shoulders. I styled it with a pair of fun black trousers. I love that all of the designs feature small details that make these items so unique. Her attention to detail is amazing!

Dana answered a few questions about Never a Wallflower and the intentions behind her designs. So, let's get to know Dana and Never a Wallflower a little bit better!

Q: Why did you name your brand "Never a Wallflower?" A: Never A Wallflower is the motto for our brand as well as our name. We believe you should never live life on the sidelines, but be a lifelong learner and stop listening to the voices that tell you 'no'. At Never A Wallflower, we believe you should say 'yes' more often to adventure and experiences in life and we want to dress you while you do it!

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: My designs are inspired by my own travels and adventures and the clothes I need for them.

Q: How did you get started?

A: When we moved to Denver 5 years ago I had an amazing opportunity to leave my corporate job and really think about what I would love to do - I just decided to go for it.

Q: How do you want women to feel when they wear your clothes? A: I want women to feel confident, beautiful and special when they wear Never a Wallflower.

"At Never A Wallflower we believe you should never live life on the sidelines,  but be a lifelong learner, and never let anyone dampen your spirit. What you wear helps you say what you want to the world."