Denver Designer: Body Bark


Hey, babes! I wanted to start off your Wednesday by sharing a Denver-based company with you guys. You know I love featuring Denver designers and brands because there is a special place in my heart for anyone in the Mile High City!

Say hello to Body Bark! Body Bark was started by Catherine Poirier when she realized there was a need for soft and sophisticated basics. You all know I am the queen of basics. When in doubt, I always revert to a plain white tee and jeans. From someone who owns too many t-shirts to count, I can tell you these tees are incredible. I love them because they are super soft. Like you could wear them to bed soft. They are also thicker than many of the tees I own. I think this makes them look more polished. I also love that they are stretchy. These t-shirts fit your body like a second skin.

"Why the name “Body Bark”?
Given that the apparel line is derived from sustainable beech trees, it seemed appropriate to incorporate that natural aspect into the brand name. Body Bark speaks to the eco-heritage and protective properties of the line, while the logo exudes the grace, sophistication, and sensuality of the fabric."


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