Denver Boutique: Midnight Rambler


It's no surprise that I absolutley love Denver. Since moving back here after college I have been so impressed by how far the fashion industry has come in this little city. One of my recent favorites stores to recently open in Denver is called Midnight Rambler. If it's possible, their merchandise is even cooler than their name. I would describe Midnight Rambler as free people's and urban outfitter's rock n'roll cousin.  I'm wearing a fringe sweater and bolo necklace from Midnight Rambler. I guess I shouldn't have made fun of my dad when he wore his bolo tie, becasue they are officially cool.

I always get excited when a new boutique opens with its own unique style and gives people the opportunity to shop local and find something that not everyone else has in their closet. So I've got your weekend plans covered, stop by Midnight Rambler for a little shopping then why not head to Bacon Social House right next door!

photos by: Noah Berg

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