Cute Swimsuits for Big Boobs



When I started Rae Everyday I wanted it to be a resource for women when it came to their fashion and style. One of the hardest things for me to find is swimsuits for big boobs and I know most women also find it a struggle. I wear a 36G/H bra so finding swimsuits that fit is incredibly difficult. Its frustrating not finding cute swimwear but it is also emotionally draining to feel like you can't find anything that fits your body. I get it! I have searched far and wide for swimsuits that flatter big boobs, but seriously, I have lost track of how many swimsuits I have bought and returned becasue they didn't fit. I can tell you, my friends and I have had a few good laughs when I try on swimsuits that are absolutely tiny on my boobs.

Although, we find it funny it really isn't a laughing matter. The industry still has a very long way to go in accommodating women of all sizes. On my recent trip to Australia and Bali these were the swimsuits I wore on repeat. I would have liked to wear more bikinis but this swimsuit by Ashley Graham is the only one I can find that supports my girls. I hope this helps your gals out there who have been blessed with big boobs!

Also give you a list of places I shop for swimwear below.

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I got this swimsuit last year becasue I was obsessed with the hot pink Private Party one pieces but they don't come in my size. This swimsuit has more of a sporty look that I like and the color makes is feel very fun and care-free. I wore this swimsuit when we went snorkeling and when we took surf lessons at Bondi Beach.

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I think every woman needs a classic black swimsuit. I love this Becca Show and Tell Crochet one piece. Here I am wearing the size 0x. I actually have this in white in a size X-Large as well, but my girls were popping out everywhere! The plus size one piece gave me just a bit more coverage. I love the cut out details on this suit becasue it has coverage but is still sexy.

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A huge thank you to Ashley Graham for creating the most amazing bikini. Finding bikinis for me is incredibly difficult becasue most of the time there is just not enough fabric and I'll be popping our everywhere which you don't want when you're at the beach with your family! EEEKK!! This suit has a double cross back that gives you so much support. I also adore the braid details on it. I wish I had it in black as well!

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I ordered this swimsuit just a few days before I left for my trip and I'm so glad I did! It is so flattering! If you have larger boobs I would highly recommend checking out the ASOS DD+ swim section, they have some great stuff!


Here is a list of places that I go to, to look for swimwear for big boobs:



Swimsuits for All

Everything But Water

bare necessities

Fig Leaves 


Rigby & Peller


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