I'm always looking for new beauty products to try, and my latest find is a must-have! During the hotter months I rarely wear full foundation and powder because I'll just sweat it off and it feels heavy. I was looking for a B.B. cream for summer and I found Boscia B.B. Cream. Let me tell you, I'm obsessed. IMG_0029

It is light weight while still giving you good coverage. It is also a self-adjusting shade that adapts to match your skin tone beautifully. It also has SPF 27 which is a plus! Since I've been wearing it I've gotten so many compliments on my complexion. This B.B. Cream gives you a flawless look without all the maintenance. I start with a clean, dry face. I use about a pea size (maybe a little more) amount of the Boscia B.B. Cream. I dab it over my face then fully blend it into my skin using my fingers. I then finish by brushing  powder all over my face to finish the look.


boscia before after

As you can see, it gives you just the right amount of coverage. I go with the Boscia B.B. cream for a natural look when I don't have time for my full foundation routine. After applying the Boscia Cream I'll add some concealer and a little bronzer.

Buy it for yourself here!