These are the Best Clean Beauty Products of 2017 (I've Tried A Lot)


Hi loves! My goal was to get this post up on January 1st but after getting hit with the stomach flu I had to push it back a few days. None the less, I'm very excited to share my favorite clean beauty brands and products of 2017. I tried a lot of clean beauty products this year and these are some of my very favorite products from my very favorite brands. If one of your goals or resolutions for 2018 is to clean up your skincare routine these products are the perfect place to start because I have tried them all and have given them my stamp of approval. I know trying new products can be risky but I assure you, that you are going to fall in love with these just like I have!



This shampoo was a game changer for me. Not only does this stuff smell amazing but it makes a huge difference in hydrating a dry and itchy scalp. It is a "charcoal- and coconut oil-infused shampoo that detoxifies, exfoliates, soothes, and balances the scalp for optimal scalp health." I really think that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and this shampoo will make your scalp very happy! Briogeo has quickly become one of my favorite haircare brands this year. I also love their Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Spray and their Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment.


Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on your favorite movie, and put on this hair mask! It makes for the most relaxing evening of pampering. During the winter my hair gets really dry and frizzy and it could really use some TLC- this mask is just what your hair needs! This is "a two-part deep conditioning system that provides optimal penetration of repairing nutrients to restore health, shine, and strength to the hair." I had never used a hair mask before so I was worried my hair would be greasy the next day but I was relieved that it wasn't greasy at all!



I've tried a few natural deodorants this year, but this was the only one that really impressed me. It goes on smooth and does not clump like many other natural deodorants I've tried. It is available in a few different scents but my favorite is the Lavender Myrrh. It smells amazing, but full disclosure, you do have to apply more than you're probably used to with traditional deodorants. I think this is 100% worth the switch due to the potential health problems associated with conventional deodorants. I was shocked to find out that if you receive a breast cancer diagnosis at most major hospitals you will most likely be instructed to stop using conventional deodorants. Since breast cancer runs in my family I knew it wasn't' worth the risk.


This year I swapped out my Smashbox primer for this Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer. This creates a radiant canvass for your makeup. I am a huge fan of dewy, natural makeup looks and this primer is the perfect base. The "complexion-enhancing primer instantly balances skin, smooths texture and diffuses lines." It is available in three shades and I use color s904 which is for light to medium skin tones.



Indie Lee has quickly become one of my favorite clean beauty brands- their squalene oil was actually the very first clean beauty product I ever bought. I've talked a bit about my struggle with acne this year so I am always testing new products to combat those stubborn breakouts. Indie Lee's Clear Complexion Kit contains their Blemish Stick and Blemish Lotion. The Blemish stick is a clear formula that is perfect for daytime wear, while the lotion is a drying talc-free formula that is perfect to use before bed. This duo with zap those darn zits!


I absolutely love face masks! I typically do a face mask once a week and this Indie Lee Clearing Mask is one of my favorites! This is a detoxifying maks that help purify clogged poors. I also removes dead skin cells so it leaves your face feeling new and refreshed. I typically use this mask when I have a few breakouts that I am trying to get rid of.



The first Henné Organics product I tried was their luxury lip balm and I was blown away. I was not surprised that this Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator lived up to my high expectations. First, the smell is incredible, it truly smells like fresh picked berries. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves your lips feeling their absolute best. I also find that it helps my lip products go on smoother. I use this product as part of my nighttime skincare routine. I massage a bit of this into my lips for about 30 seconds then rinse with warm water and follow with their luxury lip balm.


Last but not least, this luxury lip balm has been a game changer for me. It comes in either a pot or stick form (I have both). I keep the pot in my vanity to use as part of my nighttime skincare routine and I keep the stick in my purse as I find it easier to use on the go. I am a bit of a chapstick fanatic because I absolutely hate having dry lips. If you are wanting to start making the switch to clean beauty products your chapstick is a great place to start because you use it daily and you really don't want to be ingesting nasty chemicals.