Aerie's Real Me Collection: Embracing Raw Beauty


Arie's Real Me collection features intimates made from a silky soft material that comes in gorgeous shades of nude for every skin tone. This collection accentuates the natural beauty of all women. No bows, no frills, no nonsense. Just simple, well-fitting bras to highlight the woman wearing it, not distract from her. This collection is made for your REAL life, no matter where it takes you. I love that any woman can wear these on whatever adventures life takes her on. Whether she is brunching with friends, running to a client meeting or rocking out at a concert.

Aerie is not just about showcasing a diverse range of bodies. It's about what is under the skin. It's about loving the real you. It's about feeling empowered and confident. Beauty is not the clothes you wear or the makeup you buy. It is the real and raw you, from the inside out.

I have talked a lot about my self-esteem journey and learning to love my body. We put so much emphasis on the way we look, so naturally, as women, the pressure to look a certain way can feel unbearable. But today I'm going to talk about a different kind of beauty. I'm talking about your inner beauty. The beauty that radiates from within. When you strip everything away that is really all that matters.

It's a sad reality that we live in a world that can very cruel. With just a handful of letters on a keyboard a few words, someone can destroy another person's self-esteem. Now more than ever as people, and especially as women, this is the time to spread love and light. Let's use those words to lift other women up rather than tearing them down.

I challenge you to compliment a fellow woman today. Whether it is a friend or a stranger, give them a genuine compliment from the heart. you have no idea how much of an impact a few words can have.

I want to thank Aerie for providing women with a platform to be vulnerable and raw. But also giving them a space to express their inner and outer beauty and encourage other women in the process. Check out the post I did with Aerie for the #LoveTheSwimYou'reIn Campaign.