A Few of My Skincare Favorites


Hi, my name is Raeann and I am a product junkie. Whew! That felt good to get off my chest! But in all seriousness, I love trying out new beauty products-- I'm going to need to a bigger bathroom to store them all. I'll be sharing a full day and night skincare routine soon but I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite products for now. Those of you that have been following Rae Everyday for a while now know that I have been switching over to natural and organic beauty products, but I'm still learning!My favorite products right now are a mix of cleansers, toners, oils, and moisturizers. All of which help me get that effortless summer glow! Without further adieu, a few of my skincare favorites...


Suki Foaming Cleanser

I got this Suki Foaming Cleanser to replace my Cetaphil cleanser as a cleaner option. I absolutely love this stuff. I use this on my Clarisonic a couple times a week and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh. This cleanser clarifies & purifies your pores. It also helps to reduce the appearance of toxic build-up and it deep cleans without stripping away your natural oils.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Remember when I said I was still learning? This is a perfect example. It turns out the Mario Badescu Facial Spray that I love is actually ranked a 9 in the Think Dirty app! So sad! It looks like all of the ingredients are not too bad but one of the ingredients is "fragrance." The brand does not specify if they use synthetic of all-natural fragrances which lead to its high ranking. With that being said, I do really like this product especially because it's so affordable!  I like to keep this rosewater spray in my purse to help my skin feel refreshed throughout the day.

Fig + Yarrow Cleansing Nectar

I use this cleansing nectar at night to help remove excess makeup. This is a washless cleanser/toner that gently exfoliates skin. One of the key ingredients is willow bark. Willow bark contains salicylic acid which is a natural exfoliant that is found in many acne treatments. It clarifies pores and helps shed dead skin cells.

Palermo Hydrating Facial Toner

I use this facial toner in the morning after I wash my face with the Suki cleanser. This toner contains a hydrating blend of plant waters to even skin tone. It works by balancing your natural pH and diminishes the visibility of pores. It also contains rose and chamomile waters that soothe and brighten your skin.

Indie Lee Squalane Oil

This 100% pure, olive-derived squalane oil is great for all skin types whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or acne prone skin. Squalane oil promotes skin elasticity and helps to minimize the appearance of age spots and hyper pigmentation. I love this facial oil because it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. This oil leaves my skin feel soft and moisturized. I have been using this stuff for a year now and I am hooked!

Pure and True Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer

I love using a heavier cream before I go to bed. This moisturizer infuses your skin with vital nourishment and hydration. It contains vitamin A, B, C and E to deliver essential vitamins to your skin. I lather this stuff on to my face and neck before I sleep.

Suki Facial Cleanser | Mario Badescu Facial Spray | Palermo Facial Toner | Pure and True Infuse Nourishing Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer | Fig and Yarrow Cleansing Nectar | Indie Lee Squalene Oil 

Okay, beauties! I think that’s everything for now! I hope you learned about some new products! If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’d be happy to answer!