4 Tools to Make Your Life Easier



These days we are all busy. We are trying to juggle a million things in our lives and at times it feels like we just can't keep up. I'm currently trying to balance work, blogging, pursuing a modeling career (I recently signed as a curve model with Wilhelmina Denver), getting in shape (spin class is kicking my butt) and then add in a social life and family, sometimes I feel like I just can't keep up.

Recently, I've been trying to really stay organized in order to get everything done. There are a few tools I use to make my life easier. I'm sure there are a million other tools out there, but these are just the ones I've been using to stay on top of it all.

So, here are four tools to make your life easier.

 My Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark

I love this thing because it really has everything you need. There is a place to plan your monthly budget, plan your meals for the month, brain dump sections for to-do's or notes and so much more. My favorite aspects of this planner are the life and goal planning sheets, and she also included a section to write down a payer or praise for the day. This planner really helps me live my days with intention and be productive.

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LastPass is a secure password manager that makes it super easy for you to manage all of  your passwords. I spent an hour on the phone with my bank earlier this week trying to access my account because I couldn't remember my login—nobody has time for that! I've just started using this one, but I have a feeling this will be much more secure and reliable than writing my passwords down on random sticky notes.


Mint is a free app that helps you spend your money smarter and save more. I'm being honest here, saving money has always been a challenge for me. Money is a stressful topic for most people and this app makes it a little less panic-worthy. The feature I like the most is, it tracks your spending and breaks it down by category so you can see what you are spending most of your money on. I didn't realize how much my coffee runs and shopping habits added up to, it was a big wake up call.

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I know stickies on your desktop sounds like a no brainer, but I've been using these things all the time. This is where I write down blog post ideas, to-do lists and more. Often times, I'll see something on Pinterest or on another blog that inspires a post idea, so I just quickly jot it down on a sticky so I don't forget!

I know life is hectic but I hope you found these 4 tools to make your life easer helpful. Let me know what tools you use to make your life easier!