Easy Ways to Update a Rental Kitchen

It’s time for a kitchen update! Kitchens can be tough to decorate becasue the bones of the space have a big impact (hello, ugluy black refrigerator and grey countertops). If you are renting or even if you own and don’t have a huge budget there are still small changes that you can make that will have a big impact. Since I am renting I can’t exactly have the all white kitchen of my dreams with the perfect backlash but I can make some updates to really make it my own. Here are my five easy ways to update a rental kitchen.

  1. Update the Hardware | I could not wait to get rid of the generic silver knobs that dominated my kitchen cabinets. I swapped them out for these incredible (and very reasonably priced) gold pulls and it made a world of difference. You can also get the knob version here. The kitchen automatically looked more modern and hip.

  2. Add a Rug | A rug can completely change the mood of a space. I opted for a light rug with pops of color to brighten up the space. I have been loving Rugs USA becasue the prices are so affordable and the selection is HUGE. Plus, I think they are having a sale almost every day.

  3. Create a Gallery Wall | I think this is my favorite part of my kitchen. I attended an event with Anthropologie Home a few months ago and was gifted these incredible prints from Artfully Walls (you MUST check them out). I then mailed the prints into Frame Bridge and had them framed and honestly, I don't think I'll ever go back to Ikea frames again. These frames are incredible and automatically give the kitchen a sophisticated edge.

  4. Accessorize | Tea towels, cutting boards, baskets, bowls, and vases are going to be your best friend. These little touches take the room to the next level. I love the homey feel they give the kitchen. I also found these colorful horseshoes from a local designer in LA and I love the touch of western flair they add. You know I'm a coastal cowgirl at heart.

  5. Utilize Plants and Produce | Whenever I am in Trader Joes I like to pick up some fresh flowers becasue I think they automatically brighten up a room. I love using flowers and fruit to add color. If you're lazy AF like me, I recommend fake fruit so you never have to throw it away.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! I have linked everything (well everything I could find) below for you! Lots of love!




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