Bedroom on a Budget


If you all follow me on Instagram you have probably caught on that I recently moved into a new Apartment and I’m going through some major life changes. With so much in my life changing I knew I needed to create a space where I could really feel at home. I think our environment has a big impact on our mood and there is no doubt that I need a space where I can heal emotionally and focus on new beginnings.

Home decor is a new category for me and I can find it a little overwhelming so I decided to tackle my new apartment one room at a time. First project on the list was the bedroom. I designed the entire room around this rug I found on RugsUSA. When the rug was delivered I was slightly surprised that it is actually a photo of a rug on a rug but you can only tell if you look super close and for an 8’ x 10’ rug for under $150 - I’m sold!

As I was searching for home decor inspiration, I fell in love with this gorgeous Pottery Barn canopy bed but there was no way I could justify spending $1,400 on a bed at this point in my life! As I started hunting for a canopy bed on my budget, I went to Wayfair. Wayfair is one of my favorite places to shop for furniture, I have always been so impressed with the items I’ve purchased and my wallet is happy too. I found this canopy bed for under $200 dollars and I think it looks so beautiful in the space. I also disvoered that you can make a canopy bed work in a small bedroom.

I used to feel like I had to pick one decor style and stick to it but this was the first time that I discovered I can combine all of the aspects from the different styles that I love. I drew inspiration from traditional, bohemian, coastal, eclectic and modern decor styles and I love how it came together. I was able to furnish this entire space for under $2000, that includes all of the furniture and decor you see in these photos. I’ve had the chair, laundry basket, dresser and bedding for a while now so I didn’t have to dish out all of that money at once.


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