How to Start Loving Your Body and Find Confidence

I started my fashion blog, a little over three years ago to provide women of all sizes with fashion inspiration and tips. My blog has also transformed into a place where I talk about body positivity and learning to love yourself. The question I probably get asked most often is, "how do I start loving my body?" This is something that I don't think I can fully answer in a blog post but I want to share a few tips to help you start changing the relationship you have your body and get you a few steps closer to loving your body and finding your confidence.

Let me start by saying that I used to think if I was skinny all of my problems would be solved. I thought if I was thin, boys would like me. If I was thin, I would get the part in the play. If I was thin, I would be popular. I could not have been more wrong because being thin won't solve any of your problems. I spent so much time focusing on how I wanted to be different I couldn’t see the beauty in who I was. The reality is, you are you and that is never going to change. Focus your time and energy on embracing who you are.

When thinking about the relationship you have with your body you need to think about it like any other relationship in life, it takes work. If you want to start changing their relationship with your body and build self-confidence here are three places to start.


shut out the negativity

It is so easy to focus on the parts of your body that you hate or want to change. My first tip is to shut out the negativity. The second you start thinking negatively about your body, tell yourself something you love about it. For me, I have always struggled with loving my stomach. Whenever I catch myself thinking, “ugh my stomach looks horrible in this dress or I wish my stomach was flatter.” I look at myself in the mirror and say, “Raeann, don’t believe the lies. Your stomach is beautiful and you are a strong and brilliant woman.” I know it sounds cheesy but it works. If you are always telling yourself you are fat or ugly or not good enough, you will believe it. So tell yourself you are strong and you are beautiful and guess what? You’ll believe it! Your mindset about your body will start to change!


give your body the love it deserves

Your body is incredible. It allows you to live your life and pursue your passions, so you need to give it the love it deserves. Find an activity that you love. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, swimming, or walking, you name it! Just do something that gets you up and moving. Fitness is a part of my everyday routine. I don't do it with the goal to lose weight, I do it because it makes me feel good and it makes me healthier and stronger. Physical activity stimulates your brain and makes you feel happier. There are so many activities out there, so find what makes you happy and get up and get moving. If you're nervous to try something new, grab a friend and have her to it with you!


surround yourself with positive role models

I'm sure that you've heard the saying, "who you spend time with is who you become." Surround yourself with positive role models in real life but also on social media. Find women who you admire and are also on a journey to love their body! My self-love journey started when I saw more curve models in the media around me. Seeing diversity in the media has been a huge way I've learned to love my body and understand that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Be the friend in your group that doesn't allow your friends to talk poorly about themselves. When your friend starts to say self-deprecating remarks stop her and make her say something positive about herself. Having a support system of women who love themselves and each other is so important!

These tips are just a starting point but I know that they will make a huge difference in your life. Here, I’m wearing Parfait Lingerie’s Mariela Bra in Nightshadow. Speaking of positive role models this is an AMAZING company to follow on Instagram. They have taken promoting body positivity to the next level and I was so honored to be featured in their latest campaign.

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