Aerie Real: A Bra That Will Make You Feel Real Good


I want to talk about the term "body positivity" for a second. This term has been thrown around a lot in recent years. I am embarrassed to say that until recently when I thought of the term I solely thought of it regarding size, specifically plus size vs. straight size. I was so closed minded in my thinking. "Body positivity" means so much more than size. It's about representing all types of people and diversity is defined by much more than just size. 

To say I was blown away by Aerie's latest bra campaign would be a massive understatement. In their latest bra campaign, they featured women of different sizes, ages, and ethnicities but they also did something that is rarely done. In true Aerie Real fashion, they featured real women. You will see a girl with vitiligo, diabetes, a colonoscopy bag,  and down syndrome. They took real girls from all walks of life and put them in their campaign. These women look radiant and this campaign captures exactly what the term "body positivity" should mean. 

I am honored to partner with Aeire to show the unretouched #AerieREAL me in my NEW Real Me Push Up! If you liked the second-skin softness of Aerie’s Real Me unlined, lightly lined & bralette styles, you’ll LOVE just the right amount of lift & push in this new fit. It's crazy what a well-fitting bra can do to your confidence! I have never bought a push-up bra because I have big boobs and didn't think I really needed one, but man, was I wrong! My girls feel SOOOO GOOD in this bra, they didn't know what they were missing! 

I hope seeing this type of body diversity changes your view on what "body positivity" means just like it did for me. A huge thank you to Aerie for sponsoring this post and being a trailblazer in the movement of more representation.