The Comeback of the Short Suit


There has been more than one 90s trend to come back into style in recent months. Teeny tiny sunglasses, overalls, and my personal favorite, the short suit have all come back around. I have been a huge fan of matching sets so it's no surprise that I loved this short suit. I found this striped set from Target of all places. Actually, I need to stop acting surprised that I find cute things at Target, because let's be real, it is seldom I leave there without a new item of clothing. This look totally reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she wore a burnt orange short suit towards the end of the movie. 

I think the short suit looks best paired with heels for a more sophisticated look. I would also even wear this set with a graphic tee for more of an edgy look. 

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you have an amazing week! 


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