Parfait Lingerie: Break Free from the Pressure of Perfection


Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had an incredible weekend! Today I am kicking things off with a collaboration I am very excited about. I have teamed up with Parfait Lingerie, a brand who is taking inclusivity to another level, to feature some of their amazing bras and help spread their powerful message. 

We at Parfait believe that all women deserve beautiful bras that fit well and feel good. Our bras are specially designed for petite, small-busted, full-busted, full-figured, and plus sized women. We offer an extensive size range, with bras in 28-44 bands and A-K cup sizes.

The body positive movement is much more than curvy and skinny.  Parfait is choosing to show women of different ages, heights, sizes, and skin tones and it is so darn cool. 

Today I'm talking about the idea of "perfection," specifically when it comes to body image on social media. We often refer to Instagram as a "highlight real" because we only see the filtered and retouched version of things. This leads to a never-ending game of comparison where no one wins. Young women specifically are striving to obtain the "perfect" body but what they may not be aware of is that they are striving for something that is unobtainable because it is not real. With an app and the touch of a finger, cellulite can be erased, waists made smaller, butts made bigger and skin can look smoother. In less than two minutes an image can be altered to look, well, perfect. 

I think we all know that perfection doesn't exist but as we scroll through Instagram and see images of "perfect" bodies we subconsciously want to look like that. When we look in the mirror and don't see what we see on social media we automatically feel bad about ourselves. This is detrimental to women and young girls. It is about just trying to be the best version of yourself inside and out. Do what makes you happy and live a balanced and healthy life. 

When you start to compare yourself to someone on social media stop and ask yourself what value they are bringing to your life. Are they making you feel better or worse about yourself? If something or someone isn't bringing you joy go ahead and click the unfollow button. Social media isn't going anywhere so let's all do our part to make it a more inclusive and positive space. Share your real and imperfect images with the hashtag #perfectfigure to help make the change!  


I'm wearing the Parfait Romina Unlined Wire Bra in quartz pink in a 36DDD.