Body Positive Babe: Fitty Britttty


I was scrolling through Instagram one evening while watching The Office (the usual) and came across @FittyBritty. When you look at her page you can instantly feel her energy and positivity. I was so inspired by her story and I knew she would be the perfect woman to feature in my Body Positive Babe series. For these interviews I chat to women who love their bodies and are helping other women do the same! Be sure to check out the recent article I wrote about Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick. 

To give you a quick backstory, Birtney is the fitness and wellness blogger behind @FittyBritty. She changed her life six years ago when she lost 85 pounds. She was compelled to start documenting her journey on social media when she wanted to find a community of like-minded individuals to keep her motivated in her weight loss journey. Three and half years later she has built an audience of over 100K people who look to her for positivity and confidence on their self-love journey. Be sure to head over to her FAQs page to see her full story.

I think it is absolutely incredible that Britney promotes such an active and healthy lifestyle. I was able to chat with Britney about confidence, fitness, and how she stays motivated. Keep reading to see the full Q&A.


What is your why (what motivates you to do what you do)? 

My biggest why is my overall health and happiness, it basically drives everything I do. I have been extremely overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy and I just know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in my own skin/body and I hated that feeling. So doing what I do day in and day out is driven by always wanting to FEEL healthy and happy in my own body.


What makes you feel confident?

I honestly feel the most confidence when I'm working out or when I'm in a swimsuit! The feeling of feeling powerful in my workout is such a confidence booster. And when I wear my swimwear now, I am so happy with my body that I feel amazing rocking bikinis which I truly never thought I could feel so confident while wearing so little! I also feel super confident when my hair/makeup are on point and I'm wearing an outfit that makes me feel cute + happy! 


What is your favorite quality about yourself?

My determination! I'm so determined to always be the best version of myself and that makes me so proud and happy. 


What is one piece of advice you'd give to women who are trying to change the way they feel about their body?

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else! I think as soon as women stop the comparison and instead focus on what they truly love about themselves they are able to start seeing how worthy and beautiful their bodies are! 


How do you stay motivated with your workouts?

I stay the most motivated normally when I schedule out my workouts in advance and stick to a workout routine! It's definitely not perfect but knowing ahead of time what workout I'm doing on what day helps me to stay focused and motivated. I also love to constantly switch up my workouts and try new workouts so I'm excited about what I'm doing for my sweat sesh! Another great motivator is working out with friends and family for me! I'm always going to go further/longer/harder when I have a buddy with me! 


A huge thank you to Britney for taking the time to share her insight on these topics!
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Photos provided by Britney of Fitty Britttty