How to Stay Active During the Holidays


There is no way to sugar coat it, staying active and in shape during the Holidays is so freaking hard. Our schedules quickly fill up with holiday parties and that means lots of delish food, sweets, and alcohol. I don’t closely monitor what I eat during the holidays becasue I just want to enjoy time with friends and family and not stress over the cookies I ate! I do, however, try to stick to my normal workout routine becasue nothing feels better than burning those cookies off in the gym! I have a few tips I want to share with you on how to stay active during the holidays.


Make it a family workout:

Over Thanksgiving I actually worked out MORE than I do during a typical week becasue we worked out all together. I took Ben’s mom and his sister to a CycleBar class and they absolutley loved it! It a great way to detox after lots of eating and drinking. I will be spending Christmas with my family in Australia so we have lots of active activities planned like, hiking and surf lessons.


Add Your Workouts to you Calendar:

This is something I do all year round, but there is no reason to stop over the Holidays. I try to think of my workouts like any other meeting or obligation in my schedule, missing it is not an option.


Download a Fitness App:

know a lot of you are probably traveling over the next few weeks and won’t have access to your usual gym. I recommend downloading a fitness app so you can workout anywhere or anytime. I use the Sweat App and I LOVE it! I’ve also heard Class Pass is amazing becasue you can go to studios all over the country.


Freshen Up Your Workout Wear:

Okay, okay, this one is really just an excuse to do a little shopping but there is no denying that when you have a killer workout look it motivates you to get active and show it off! Here I’m wearing This bra from Parfait Lingerie and it’s great for women who need more support.

I hope these tips help you stay on track through the crazy next few months!

Thank you to Parfait Lingerie for sponsoring this post.