Lingerie That Checks all of the Boxes


When it comes to shopping for lingerie it is important to me that I find items that are supportive, comfortable, and well made. Lingerie is the foundation of your wardrobe and I think it sets the tone for how you will feel in your clothes.

At a 36DDD, I need bras that are going to be supportive because we all want perky boobs, don't we? I have searched for YEARS to find a bralette that I could wear with feminine dresses but I could never find one that wasn't made for smaller chested women. I was actually shocked when I put on the Adriana Lace Bralette from Parfait Lingerie. You can see for yourself that this bralette was made for large chested women. With an extra thick band and adjustable straps, this feminine bra is the bralette you have been searching for.

I also need my bras to be comfortable. I can not stand wearing uncomfortable bras that dig into my shoulders or poke into my side. When I'm wearing an uncomfortable bra it is all I can think about and it distracts me from my goals of the day. The Adriana Lace Bralette also checks this box. Since it is a bralette is does not have an underwire and the nylon/spandex material moves with your body.

It's a no-brainer that I look for lingerie that is well made. The good news is, you don't need to spend a fortune to find bras that are well made. Before I had my breast reduction I was spending about $100 on one bra, so I feel like that kinda makes me an expert. The Adriana Lace Bralette comes in sizes 30D - 42FF and I will tell you that the quality of this bra is on par with the $100 bras I once spent money on.

Those are the things I look for when I'm shopping for lingerie but every woman is different and is looking for their lingerie to check certain boxes. What do you look for when you are shopping for lingerie?

Thank you to Parfait Lingerie for sponsoring this post.