Black Cherry Workout Gear


I think everyone in LA has their normal wardrobe and then their workout wardrobe, people take workout gear very serious here and I’m all about it. We all know workout gear isn’t just for the gym anymore and one of my favorite brands that absolutley nails the ahtleisure trend is alo.

Their leggings are my absolute favorite to workout in becasue they are super high waisted and made from a thick and sturdy material but they are also some of my favorite leggings to wear casually. They have subtle details that give them a little something extra, I mean, just look at these moto leggings! Pair them with a sweater and a bomber and you will look so chic! Did I mention them come in 18 (yes, 18) colors?! I adore the black cherry workout gear for fall and winter.

Keep reading to see some of my favorite black cherry workout items from alo.